5 Ply Endurance

We were asked by many consumers and fly shops to construct an affordable 5-Ply wader that guides and heavy use customers prefer due to the durability of the material. Along with our most competent suppliers and the input from seasoned guides, we are now proudly offering a 5-Ply wader that fulfills all of the requirements that our customers have become accustomed to. The Caddis reputation and our exceptional adherence to detail along with an exceptional price point will not disappoint.

The next generation of breathability and durability is the new CaddisDry® fabric technology. It continues to provide superior breathability and endurance with two breathable layers and 2 durable layers of heavy duty polyester fabric. This fabric has superior breathability yet denies moisture molecules to enter the fabric, keeping you warm and dry for years, months and days of heavy use.

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